Welcome to the NEW Bellydance Paladin blog…

More to come… very soon.


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Hi Asharah.

I like the look of this webpage. I look forward to reading more.





Will you be delving into the complex ethics and morals of running a Belly Dance Business?




Cuindless… I’m sure I will. I have addressed the importance of fair wages, which is one of the biggest ethical issues working dancers face. If you have anything that you’d like me to address, let me know, and I’ll ruminate over that.




One of my biggest interests from a philosophical/armchair perspective is balancing the innate sensuality of the dance form while keeping it an art distinct from those specifically designed to entice, i.e. burlesque and erotica. I also like to ruminate on how, precisely, those concepts fit into the stereotypical cultural mode of the near east.



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