Essential cabaret music for the tribal fusion dancer.

Disclaimer: This post is far from complete and I’m looking to all of you, dear readers, to add to this list.

OK, tribal and fusion dancers. I know we generally don’t dance to classic Middle Eastern music, but we should know these recordings and know them well. We should also be able to dance to them, should the opportunity arise. If you haven’t yet invested in a few good oriental music recordings, now is better than later. It’s a part of your education as a bellydancer. In my opinion, if you’ve been dancing for over a year there are no excuses for not knowing most of these songs. There’s also a reason these songs are essential: They’re damn good.

The songs with links to translations if available.  Hardly a complete list:

Where do I find this music?

Please, dear fusion dancers, give these songs and these recordings a chance.  Not knowing these songs and not respecting them is like disowning yourself from your family.  And, who knows… you might find yourself loving some of these songs.


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This CD seems to have your list almost completely covered!
10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know




Thank you for writing this post, Asharah! Amen to all you said.

I had to look at my external hard drive to remember the names of the songs I like. Even though I’m still not confident enough to properly dance to them, here are my favorites, not in any particular order:

-El Baston, Al Baladi (a HUGE favorite of mine) and Tabla Solo by Mario Kirlis
-almost all of Sabla Tolo by H. Ramzy
-Naguas Tabla
-did I mention I love drum solos?
-bent l shalabijah
-ja mustapha (a MUST HAVE imo)
-luxor baladna (another must have)
-I like the Wash Ya Wash series too
-Shik shak shok (my least favorite of the bunch)

I am still a little intimidated by all this music…but I’m working on it.




    Oooh… good suggestions! I just used Nagua’s Tabla in a set last night at a hookah bar and the crowd LOVED it!




Thank you so much for this! I am someone who knows many of these but am horrible with the titles. This is a great help…thanks again!




it’s almost mandatory to have a classic that you can dance to, especially since we’re tribal dancer’s. i like to find really, really old recordings and dance to those (mohammed abdel wahab has some achingly beautiful versions). it’s amazingly cool to see our tribal embellishments applied to the classics. it’s also fun to use the more folk loric steps alongside them.




My English is not that great but I have read a couple of your post and I am very impressed considering I found your site on Yahoo by mistake.



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