“Like People in Prehistory” – Article by Kitty Kohl

I’m sitting here in a lovely little sublet in Pacific Grove, California, which will be my home for the next two months.  It’s chilly and foggy outside (a typical Monterey-area summer), Rush’s Vapor Trails is on the Bose iPod dock, and I’m drinking my French press coffee… and I’m catching up on a week and a half’s worth of internet.

Instead of trying to write something really profound, which I probably couldn’t do right now after driving across the country with two cats, I’m posting someone else’s work. This article by Kitty Kohl busts many of the myths about what we know as “bellydance”.  In order to build respect and knowledge about our art, we must consider many points of view.  I just happen to really like this one.

“Like People in Prehistory”:  An article by fusion dancer Kitty Kohl.



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I am all for historical research and accuracy. However, women need a religion they can relate to, including a physical practice. I’ll bet that belly dance did play a part in the old Goddess religions. And if not, we’ve created our own myth. I think we all need it.



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