Popping, Locking, and Belly Dance

Here’s a good one! Suhaila Salimpour’s recent blog post features her exploration of 70s popping and locking, and how she integrated these funk styles into her own belly dance.

This article is so important! Why? I think there’s a common misunderstanding that popping, locking, and hard isolations are what define “tribal” style belly dance. But these elements actually contribute to the “fusion” part of “tribal fusion”.

Either way, though, if you’re performing Tribal Fusion, you are a dancing part of the Salimpour legacy, even if you’ve never taken a class with Suhaila or Jamila. Without Jamila Salimpour, we wouldn’t have the seeds for American Tribal Style, and without Suhaila, we wouldn’t have the sharp, clean isolations that are so prevalent in Tribal Fusion.

So… here it is! Suhaila Salimpour on Popping, Locking, and Belly Dance.


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I totally loooved your workshop in Argentina! you are a very sweet, generous and wonderful teacher!! My body is still sore!! 😉
Big HUG for you!!



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