Paladin: Any determined advocate or defender of a noble cause.

I, Asharah, started this blog because I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and make my thoughts known to a wider audience. The Paladin blog has been a place for me to discuss my approach to dance, art, and business, and over the past year, it has gained a small cadre of loyal followers. In December 2008, I moved the Paladin blog to WordPress (its current location on the web), but the previous entries are still available on the original Paladin blog at bdpaladin.blogspot.com.

I should also point out the origins of this blog’s name. A friend of mine and her boyfriend saw my dedication to preserving integrity in my own art, and my desire for others to do the same, and nicknamed me the “bellydance paladin.” I thought this was absolutely hilarious and completely appropriate, so when I started blogging, I decided to adopt the name for my blog. Last month, this friend, Kaihea, passed away after a long struggle against ovarian cancer. The name of this blog is a constant reminder to me of her light, friendship, and support.