The scope of the materials here focuses mostly on the lineage and legacy of American belly dance, particularly tribal style and the Salimpour legacy.  I also have also limited the video listings to documentaries, such as interviews and biographies, rather than dance instructional or performance DVDs.  This list, of course, only includes books and videos that I have actually read or viewed.

Yeah, I know. It’s not in MLA or Chicago Manual format. That’s a project for a future day.

If you feel that something is missing from this list or that you have a resource that other dancers would enjoy, please let me know!  Send me an e-mail: asharah [at] asharah [dot] com

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Belly Dance History and Analysis


Articles Online:

Documentary Videos (DVD)

Documentary Videos (Online)


Middle East History and Culture



Artist’s and Dancer’s Tools

Business and Creative Thinking


Science (Some of it dance-related)